Brokenness – Beyond Teenage Angst

 I see that look in your eyes. Some may call it melancholy. Maybe others call it teenage restlessness. Whatever others say, I don’t care. The only label I can assign to it is everything that I’ve seen in every other pair of eyes at one point in time. Brokenness.


 It’s a scary word. It rings of breaking the window with a stray ball as a kid. The shame, the regret, the emptying of the piggy bank that attempts to ease the feelings in your gut. Brokenness brings to mind nights of weeping on the floor. Not pretty Hollywood tearing up, but those sobs that not even your lover could find attractive. Brokenness is messy.


 But can you deny it? Can you deny that “brokenness” is the only word that can pin point that which I see in your eyes? The hollowness.


The disillusionment with what you’ve always known. There’s some desperation mixed in too – but the one word, the one world to wrap it all up is “brokenness.” You aren’t alone in your brokenness. We are all there.


 In this last year as we’ve watched those among us pass away, get pregnant, lose themselves to depression, break up, drop out of school, gain inability to eat, cyber bully, and feel pain – you can’t deny that we’re all pretty broken here. Life is not easy. Being a teenager is not easy. We cling so desperately to the hope that these aren’t the best years of our lives and that better things are around the corner for us all.


 We’re all a bit desperate for something more. For hope. For adventure. For this angst to go away. For people to “grow up,” whatever that actually means. For answers.


 I wont pretend to have all the answers or a magic recipe for your life to become sweeter – but please tell me that you see something in my life that points to my Hope, my Life, my Joy. I do have something to offer you: my Jesus. Yes, yes, I know that it’s not really “your thing,” but just hear me out. Life with Jesus doesn’t mean that things are peachy. It doesn’t mean that people just stop dying or the teenage angst and frustrating towards our small town disappears instantly. It means that you are no longer alone. It means that someone is willing to take all your brokenness, all your mistakes, everything that has been clinging to you like leeches and make it into something beautiful.


 My words can only go so far. At some point, all I can do is offer you my heart, my prayers, and all those things that I’ve already given you. I’ll always be willing to walk through this along side of you. For now, I’ll leave you with some words that have been echoing in my head lately:


“I don’t wanna look
I just wanna find
can you give me something to believe in?
keep your religion, don’t need your lies
I’m just looking for one good reason
feel like it’s teenage hunting season
but nothing out there sounds half decent
who’s out there? who’s going to save us?
before we all fall through the cracks in the pavement”
 FM Static – Something to Believe in