Well Water Fargo

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In the Bible, there’s this beautiful story about Jesus’ interaction with a woman at a well. This woman was ostracized by traditional religion, she was promiscuous and deemed immoral, lacking respect from society. Yet Jesus met her right where she was at and he offered her life. He offered her living water. He engaged her in meaningful conversation. He revealed Himself to her and changed her entire life.

This story is one that sets an example to people following Jesus as to how we are to interact with people, especially those who are outside of the normal confines of church. As I embark on a new chapter of loving people within my community, this story serves as a template for how to do outreach.

Three years ago, I was introduced to the concept of a strip club ministry and instantly, something in my heart jumped at the thought. In Duluth, there was a group that went in and brought pizza to the girls working and built friendships. They would pray over their friends, bring gifts on holidays, and became a support system. There’s something really beautiful about going to people exactly where they are at and loving them in the messy moments of real life.

If you’ve talked to me since then, you may have heard me say that “the dream” is to be a soccer mom by day and run a strip club ministry by night. And while most of my future is unknown, the big thing that I’ve been praying into for three years is a strip club outreach. Part of me has been waiting for someone else to do it, to just be able to join in with someone else or move to another city with an existing outreach, but that hasn’t been the path God has led me on.

The time and opportunity has come to launch Well Water Fargo, a strip club outreach in Fargo, North Dakota.

I’ve been approved with Strip Church, a national ministry network that provides training, support, and guidance for outreaches. That’s step one in a process that’s going to be a whole adventure ahead. There’s a lot of praying, planning, and working to come. In the next few months, I’ll be assembling a team that has a heart to see women in the sex industry loved by Jesus.

The plan is that in January 2016, we will start meeting once a month for prayer, worship, and training. Anyone is welcome to come, check this out, and partner with us in setting the groundwork for God to move. (Location is still TBA.) If God gives the go ahead, we will be starting the physical club outreach in the fall of 2016. One thing that I’m really excited about as a ministry distinctive is that each outreach will be covered in prayer and worship.

Well Water Fargo will have two teams as a part of the outreach – a small team of women who are going to be in the clubs and building the relationships, but also a larger team that will partner in prayer and worship. This allows for anyone to get involved, but a high level of dedication, accountability, and intentionality to be present in the small team that conducts outreach.

If you have any desire to get involved, please contact me at wellwaterfargo@gmail.com! We are going to need people of different ages, skill sets, and giftings. It would also be amazing to get churches in the Fargo-Moorhead area involved and engaged in this outreach! The requirement for being a part of this ministry at the base level, is a love for Jesus and a love for people. There must be a belief that God has the power to change cities, prayer works, and no one is ever too far gone.

Women in the sex industry are real people with stories and families and futures. We want to see God come into their lives and display His love and mercy. And we are here to partner with what God is doing in this city and their own lives already. It may be hard and messy, but I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. I’d love for you to witness it with me.