When Wild Comes to Visit

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“passionately eager or enthusiastic”

“not subject to restraint or regulation”

“marked by turbulent agitation”

“going beyond normal or conventional bounds”

“indicative of strong passion, desire, or emotion”

To say that Wild is on its way is not the most comforting thought. It’s the sort of thought that sends chills up your spine and makes your stomach clench into a tight little knot. Wild is not predictable. Wild is not safe. Wild is not tidy.

But Wild is fun.

Wild shows up with crazy hair that knows wind and waves intimately. Wild laughs from a place of astonishment with life. Wild grabs your hand and pulls you into the things that you are not ready for. Wild makes a big mess and leaves you to clean it up yourself. Wild isn’t always the most impressive one to take home to meet the family. Wild makes you smile, though. Wild is a great encourager. Wild inspires in a way that is so native and natural.

I can’t shake Wild.

Wild gets comfortable in the places where I am most uncomfortable. Wild may not quite carry the depth of a forever friend, but Wild will be the friend needed to get to the next place and to take that next step. I may do a few more dumb things when Wild is hanging around, but I also do a few more brave things.

And doing a few more brave things is good for one’s soul. Sometimes the brave thing is simply speaking words out loud that have been hidden away for years upon years. The brave thing may be to let yourself dream about the future and actually figure out what you want. The brave thing could be be showing up and being present when you want to hide from the world or that one particular person who hurt you. Sometimes the brave thing may mean putting yourself out there, to fill out the job application or ask the person on a date or vocalizing the burning question.

Brave is a subjective term. It looks different for me than it may for you. But big brave or little brave, brave things build bravery. And bravery is a weapon that’s worth possessing.

Wild is teaching me to possess bravery in these ways:

  • to dream of impossibilities
  • to shake off false humility and comparison
  • to pursue the creative things that I’ve held back from
  • to build a life of intention and a community of depth
  • to squash lies that attack my identity and say that I’m not enough
  • to live in wonder

I’m not ready for Wild to visit. I never will be. That’s okay.

Wild stirs up within you the ability to do things scared. And doing things scared is really the only way to get anything done.


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