Meet Olivia

FreedomI’m Olivia.

I am a photographer at Liv Photography.

I am the founder of Well Water Fargo.

I am a Social Work student soon to be in search of a “big girl” job.

I am a proud Fargo-Moorhead dweller.

I am a child of God. Which is the best of it all.



6 thoughts on “Meet Olivia

  1. What do you do with the JUA project? I’m a 21-year old PR Director for a anti-trafficking non-profit and I like to hear about other young folks doing the same.

    1. I have just recently started working with them. Thus far I’ve been doing everything from setting up Paypal buttons to promoting t-shirt design contests. It’s a mishmash of whatever they need. It’s so cool to hear what you are doing with Restore One!

  2. In this particular case, I created the graphic with all the info and spread it around my circles of friends with design abilities since it was a really specific target audience. I know there’ll be some events coming up for us as well – I’ve also been a part of helping with local anti-trafficking events, so I’d love to talk more in depth! Feel free to email me at

  3. That’s so incredible that you passionate about fighting human trafficking. God has been putting it on my heart to do the same (here in the Seattle area). I’m planning on volunteering with an organization soon and (hopefully) working one on one with some of the girls.

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